Online Testing Preparations

- Schoolnet, NWEA, ISTEP, ECA, Accuplacer, Canvas, etc -

Most online testing software takes control of the device and blocks other programs from being able to run at the same time. If another program tries to run during testing, the testing software will usually halt the test until the teacher can check the situation and then tell the testing software to continue.

Before beginning an online test, it is important to have all updates completed, including any required restarts. Even if a recent update didn't require a restart, it is best to fully shut down and restart the device anyway to make sure all background programs have been fully stopped. If the online test will require any volume changes or adjustments to the brightness settings, make those changes before starting the test. Even using the Function keys to make those adjustments during a test can cause it to stop.

Do the following steps before each online testing session, preferably a few days in advance so there is time to work with the Help Desk on any errors that restarting does not solve.

  1. Check that All Updates are Installed
    Normally, all updates will install automatically behind the scenes and prompt you to restart when that is needed. If these prompts are interrupted or ignored, there may be updates waiting to install.

    1. On Windows devices:
      1. Double-click the Software Center icon on your desktop or in the Start menu.
      2. On the "Available Software" tab, look in the Type column for any marked as an Update.
      3. Select all the Update lines and click the Install button. Other programs listed here are optional or for specific classes, so you can skip them.
      4. Click on the "Installation Status" tab to check the progress in the Status column.
      5. When the updates finish, you will get a Restart message in Software Center and in the System Tray by the clock in the bottom right of your desktop. Restart then check for more updates in Software Center. Some updates can't begin until after others have run and a restart is done.
      6. If any updates show as Failed, select them and Retry.
    2. On Chromebooks:
      1. If there are updates waiting to be installed, there will be an up-arrow icon in the lower right corner. Click it to see the message asking for a restart. Follow those prompts, or click the user's picture in the bottom right and choose Shut Down.
      2. After restarting, check the corner again to see if more updates are waiting.
    3. If updates continue to fail after a restart or two, go to the Media Center or create a Help Ticket. Some errors can be fixed remotely and would not require you to get a loaner laptop. Watch your email account for contact from the Technology Department.
  2. Confirm that the Correct Test Icon is Working

    1. Windows icons:








    Open the program.

    Choose Indiana.

    Click the upper right corner icon and choose App Check.

    Notify your teacher if App Check lists any errors.


NWEA logo

    Open the program to confirm that it works.

    There is a Test Warm-up button if you would like to try out some questions.



b. On Chromebooks - For NWEA MAP and for ISTEP/ILEARN/IREAD, the launcher will run in kiosk mode so nothing else can run:

    1. Students should Sign Out (click their picture on the bottom right tray and Sign Out.)

    2. On the bottom left of the signed out system, click (or touch) the word Apps, then click AIRSecureTest for ILEARN/IREAD or NWEA Secure Testing for NWEA.

    3. The lock-down browser will automatically launch.

III. Have Other Issues Repaired
If your device has any physical damage such as broken keys or screen, take it to the Media Center immediately so that repairs can get started. If you have had any other software issues that don't go away after updating and restarting, take it to the Media Center or create a Help ticket describing the problem. Watch your email for a reply from the Technology Department with instructions for a fix.

IV. Bring the Device Fully Charged!
Don't forget to charge your device fully the night before testing so you don't risk a dead battery in the middle of your test!

PDF Version of Windows instructions with screen shots