• To log in:


    Save yourself time and use single sign on with your Google credentials

    Username is your NACS email address
    Password is your network ID
    (if you are already logged in to Google, you may just be taken straight to your site)

    To create bookmarks in Chrome, click here.

    There are fairly good instructions available to you via the Help Center so please feel free to explore this resource. 

    Help Center  
    Guides and Tutorials are currently available without logging in first:

    To add students to your class:


    Log in
    Click on Manage Classes
                  Click on your existing class(this is in the middle of the page under "My Classes". DO NOT USE THE MENU AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN.)
    Scroll down and choose “Assign Students”
    Use "Find students" to filter the student selection to just your grade level.
    Choose your students (to choose more than one at a time, hold the Ctrl key down while choosing multiple names).
    Click “Add” >   the names will appear in the Class Roster box.
    Click “Done” to save your list.
    If you simply must log in the old way:
    Then choose the following:


    Username is your NACS email address
    Password is N4c$badgenumber
    If your email is This.Campus@nacs.k12.in.us, your login is This.Campus@nacs.k12.in.us
    If your badge number is 1234567, your password is N4c$1234567

    After you have logged on, you can change your password and security questions by clicking on Settings>Manage Account.

    Settings />Manage Account