What is the Charger Online?

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    The Charger Online 2015-2016 staff (Top, from left to right: Jordan Ross, Jasmine Fortier, Hadley Gaff, Isabelle Beezley, Bob Johnston. Bottom, from left to right: Vanessa Gibson, Cassie Pontius, Audrey Scaer).

    By Isabelle Beezley, Editor-in-Chief

       The Charger Online is an open forum news source run by the students in Radio and TV teacher Bob Johnston’s Converged Newsroom class. The class produces a student-led school publication that provides articles for the Northwest Allen County Schools website.

        The Charger Online is first and foremost the Carroll High School newspaper. Due to funding issues, the Charger became unable to print a monthly publication as it had in the past. Instead, Carroll has kept its paper alive though the NACS website server. We at the Charger see this as an opportunity to adapt to today’s news reporting, which is often done through online news publications.

       Modern journalists are also expected to be able to write stories, take pictures, and upload their own stories. Students at the Charger take all of our own photographs and upload audio or video podcasts to enhance our articles. At the Charger, we believe in creating multifaceted journalists with talents for writing, photography, and podcasting.

       The Charger Online is an online news source for the students and faculty members of Carroll High School and their families. Our goal at the Charger is to provide accurate, objective, and timely news for our readers. We cover a wide variety of stories, from student features to film reviews. Any opinions presented in the Charger reflect the staff, and are not necessarily shared by the administration of Northwest Allen County schools.

       The Charger staff consists of seven students and our advisor, Bob Johnston. Together we cover the stories we believe are the most hard-hitting, or those we think will generate the most student interest. As Editor-in-Chief of the paper, my personal goal for the Charger is to inform and entertain our audience as well as to reflect the diversity of our school through the stories presented on our website. However, because we are a relatively small staff, it is inevitable that we are unable to cover every event.

       Our articles are divided into four sections on the website: News, Features, Sports, and Opinion. Our News section, headed by senior Audrey Scaer, covers events happening at Carroll. The Features section, led by senior Hadley Gaff, puts a spotlight on the students and faculty members of Carroll. In our Sports section, junior Cassie Pontius strives to cover the important games and events in the world of Charger athletics. In the Opinion section, the staff often collaborates to present our views on controversial topics concerning NACS. We also write reviews for school plays or popular films. Our class runs on a cycle assignment calendar which allows us to upload new stories to the website almost every day. We encourage our readers to check back often for new stories.

       The students on the Charger staff work hard every day to present to you, the reader, the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. If you have any questions for the newspaper staff, or you have a story you feel should be covered, please feel free to email us at thecharger@nacs.k12.in.us.

       The Charger Online is located at https://www.nacs.k12.in.us/chargeronline.