• NACS Textbook Payments

    2017-18 Elementary School Textbook Rental Amounts

     Kindergarten  $141.42
     Grade 1    $184.51
     Grade 2  $178.04
     Grade 3  $182.94
     Grade 4  $193.54
     Grade 5  $171.17
    For 2017-18:
    • Elementary student fees (grades K-5) will be posted for online payment beginning July 31.
    • Secondary student fees (grades 6-12) will be posted for online payment in October.
    NACS is pleased to offer an option for paying textbook fees with a credit or debit card.  We have contracted with RevTrak, a national credit card payment processor to provide the simple security and convenience of making online payments.  The store accepts Discover, MasterCard, or Visa (credit or debit).  Visit the NACS Web Store here:
    Use the Resources menu on the RevTrak site for further instructions.