• Schoolnet Basics


    1.   Three types of tests:

    a.    Answer Key Only – for printed bubble sheet responses

                                              i.    Questions are in a separate file (e.g. Word document)

                                             ii.    Only answers and standards are entered into Schoolnet

                                            iii.    Select “answer key only” when setting up the test

                                           iv.    Test questions must be printed by teacher via Word, etc. and bubble sheet printed via Schoolnet and scanned in office

                                            v.    Print only the answer sheets (available only after the test has been scheduled)

                                           vi.    ** This method is not recommended since the items cannot be edited later to add the questions. The test would have to be recreated from the beginning to be used online.

    b.    Complete Test – for printing/scanning

                                              i.    Questions, answers, and standards are entered into Schoolnet

                                             ii.    Some question types are not available for printed tests, so be sure to choose only from the print question types  (listed on the left side)

                                            iii.    Print the test booklet and bubble sheet via Schoolnet site.

    c.    Complete Test – for online use

                                              i.    Questions, answers, and standards are entered into Schoolnet

                                             ii.    All questions types are available for online tests

                                            iii.    Students will take test via Schoolnet Secure Tester app on desktop of each computer in district.


    2.       Creating a test/answer sheet

    a.    Log In to Schoolnet via PowerSchool using your regular username and password.

    b.    Hover over Assessment Admin

    c.    Click Create

    d.    Choose Create a Test Manually

    e.    Name your Test: year –class - title (ex: 2015 – Science6 – Life Science Common Assessment)

    f.     Choose subject area

    g.    Choose grade level

    h.    Number of items Change to 1—less labor intensive

    i.      Special selections:

                                              i.    Hide item from test results: Choose yes – especially if reusing!

                                             ii.    Unanswered questions averaged into score: YES

                                            iii.    Score type—choose what fits your needs

                                           iv.    Preferred standards document

                                            v.    Answer key only – if printing questions from Word, etc.

                                           vi.    Initial test settings: how it will look—Pick what you’d like

                                          vii.    Test settings: Enable printing—make sure all of these boxes are checked

                                         viii.    Make your selections to print.

                                           ix.    ** Remember for printed tests, only use the question types on the left hand side. If you choose Hot Spot, Drag & Drop, Click Stick Click Drop, or Checklist, you will not be allowed to print the test.


    3.       Print version of the test

    a.    Question types for print:

                                              i.    Multiple choice

                                             ii.    True/False

                                            iii.    Gridded

                                           iv.    Open Response

                                            v.    Inline Response

                                           vi.    Matching

                                          vii.    Checklist

    b.    Be sure to preview the test questions to be sure everything displays as intended.


    4.       Schedule test:  after creating your questions.

    a.    Create a copy of the test.  ** If this is to be a benchmark test, create a copy for yourself but do NOT proceed to the next steps on Scheduling.  Instead, go to the Benchmark Submission link for directions on submitting the test.  The tech department will schedule the test for you and notify you when you can continue.

    b.    Upper right-hand corner select “Schedule”. (Is this a benchmark?  If so, reread 4.a above.)

    c.    Test Settings

                                              i.    Schedule this test

                                             ii.    Choose start and end date and score due date (date in PowerSchool)

    1.    Score due date must be ON or AFTER Test end date

                                            iii.    Prevent students from accessing score dates

                                           iv.    Prevent scanning of sheets – obsolete—don’t click on this

                                            v.    Share score with power teacher grade book—click on this to allow the grades to go directly into Power School

    1.    Grades are LIVE immediately after student submits the test. If you don’t want this, then uncheck allowing this

    2.    IF you have any open ended questions, these grades entered into PowerSchool will not be correct until you grade them. Let the kids know that their grade is not correct until you finish the grading.

    3.    PowerSchool will pull Score Due Date as the assignment date. In order to correct this and have it stay, you will need to turn off PowerSchool updating after test day or when you have graded all of the open ended questions.

    4.    You can still enter absent kids’ grades manually into PowerSchool after turning off auto updates

    d.    Online Test Options (not needed for printed tests) Suggested entries:

                                              i.    Administer this test with – Schoolnet Secure Tester

                                             ii.    Online Passcode – Accept the default or make it more complex. Code can be used only once. Record this to tell students when testing.

                                            iii.    Show student scores upon test submission – Optional – may want to turn off if any open ended questions that require manual grading are on the test.

                                           iv.    Display this test on the Take a Test list on the student home page (No, so they have to know the passcode.)

                                            v.    Prevent the students from accessing the test before start date or after end date (Yes)

                                           vi.    Enforce test time (No)

                                          vii.    Timed test (No)

                                         viii.    Track and display student response times (Yes, tracks how fast students answered questions and took test for potential parent questions)

                                           ix.    Scramble question order (No)

                                            x.    Scramble answer choices (No)

                                           xi.    Allow students to pause test (Yes, good for resource students or split classes)

                                          xii.    Allow only assigned students to take test (No)

                                         xiii.    Save

    5.       Administer the Test

    a.    Teacher pulls up the proctor screen to monitor progress and confirm that students have not started test in advance (see below).

    b.    Students login to their NACS computer with their normal network login.

    c.    Launch the Schoolnet Secure Tester icon. (See below if the icon is not there.)

    d.    Student logs in with their regular username/password.

    e.    Enter the test passcode from above.

    f.     Take the test.

    g.    When done, the tester will close itself out.


    If the Secure Tester is not already installed:

    a.    Open the Software Center icon from the desktop.

    b.    Click on Schoolnet Secure Tester.

    c.    Click the blue Install button in the bottom right.

    d.    The Installation Status tab will “Installed” when it finishes (just a few minutes).

    e.    Schoolnet icon will be on the desktop.

    6.       In Progress Screen

    a.    Select the classes you want tested (or individual students)

    b.    Can Generate Answer Sheets

                                              i.    General Answer sheet

                                             ii.    Custom Answer Sheet with student name and ID number

    c.    Can print test books

    d.    Can test online

    e.    Proctor – allows you to monitor progress as the test is underway.


    7.       Finding Scheduled Tests

    a.    Assessment Admin

    b.    Hover over Dashboard

    c.    Click the tab that relates: Active/Benchmark/Classroom/Recently Viewed