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    Submitting a Test to be a Benchmark Assessment
    updated 12/04/15

    The NACS common assessments generally given at the end of each grading period should be categorized as “Benchmark” assessments rather than simply being a Classroom or Common Classroom Assessment.  This allows the assessment to be shared between multiple teachers and/or between schools, and puts the assessment in the Benchmark category for later analysis.  Even if the test is given by one teacher in one section, use these steps to get it submitted as a Benchmark so it will appear in the correct areas of Schoolnet.  Please allow at least two school days before you plan to administer the assessment.  This will allow the Tech Dept to get any additional questions asked and answered before sending it back to you for scheduling.

    For step-by-step directions with screenshots, click here.
    Basic Steps:
    1.       Confirm that the assessment is ready to submit:

    a.       Check for typos and errors, as correcting these later is cumbersome.

    b.      For online tests, preview the test to confirm that questions display correctly.

                                                                   i.      Pictures and charts appearing correctly?

                                                                 ii.      Font size appropriate?

    c.       Make a copy of the test for yourself.

    2.       Add the “Schoolnet Benchmark” teacher (Tech Dept) as a Co-Author:

    a.       Open the test you want to submit

    b.      Select Co-Authoring on the left side

    c.       Select Co-Author Test

    d.      Start typing the name Schoolnet Benchmark. Select it when it appears.

    e.      Click the link for Switch to Co-Author Mode

                       f.    Share the test with Test Central

     3.       Submit a ticket to the Help Desk (via the website or an email) with the following information, preferably with “Schoolnet Benchmark” in the subject line. Notify the tech department at least two days before your start date so there is time for clarifications:

    a.       Test name:

    b.      Course name and number to be shared to:

                       c.    Names of all teachers that the test will be shared with:

    d.       Start Date:

    e.      End Date:

    f.      Score Due Date:

    g.        We assume the following UNLESS you indicate otherwise:

                                                                   i.      Prevent students from accessing test results until after end date (Yes):

                                                                 ii.      For online tests only:

    1.       Administer this test with: Schoolnet Secure Tester

    2.       Online Passcode will be automatically generated

    3.       Show student scores upon test submission (No)

    4.       Display this test on the Take a Test list on the student home page (No)

    5.       Prevent students from accessing test before start date or after end date (No)

    6.       Enforce test time (Yes, Mon-Fri, 7am-4pm)

    7.       Timed test (No)

    8.       Track and display student response times (Yes)

    9.       Scramble question order (No)

    10.   Scramble answer choices (No)

    11.   Allow students to pause test (Yes)

    12.   Allow only assigned students to take test (No)

    4.       The Tech Department will use this information to make your assessment a benchmark and recommend it back to those listed. The teacher submitting the ticket will be notified when that is done. Teachers can then assign the test to students.

    5.       When you are notified that benchmark is ready, do the following:

    a.       Select Assessment Admin and then Find a Test

    b.      Select the Benchmark Tab

    c.       Click on the name of your benchmark test

    d.      Click on the Schedule Information button on the left side to expand it

    e.      Click Edit Schedule and Settings

    f.        If testing online, scroll down to the online passcode and write it down

    g.       Continue scrolling to the Assignment for Your Students section

    h.      Select Edit Assignment

    i.         Check the box for each section you want the test assigned to

    j.        Click Save to return to the Schedule a Test screen

    k.       If you want to have Schoolnet automatically push your grades to PowerSchool click on “Share Scores with my PowerTeacher Gradebook” (You can turn this on and off any time by going back to this screen)

    l.         Scroll to the bottom and click Save again to finish assigning the test.