• Schoolnet
    Tips & Tricks
    • Schoolnet prefers Firefox over Internet Explorer. You’re welcome to use either, but if it seems to act up in IE, try FF instead.

    • Creating a Manual Test – You may find it easier to set the Number of Items to 1. Many prefer to add items individually rather than work with the multiple items windows.

    • Copying items from another document? Change the font on the original first so you don’t have to change it on every question/answer option within Schoolnet.  Does your original have numbering or bullets that keeps copying over?  Consider removing the numbers or bullets on your original first to make the copying easier.  You might want to save a copy before you make that change so your original document isn't accidently saved without its numbers.

    • Grades in PowerSchool – grades comes in with the date of the assignment set to your Schoolnet end date. You may need to tweak that in the gradebook so the task falls on the correct date for your grading period. Also confirm that the test was assigned to the correct category within your gradebook. You might prefer to turn off the syncing once the initial test date is done and enter late grades manually so the gradebook settings don’t keep getting changed.

    • Have a tip to add to this list?  Contact Adela or the Help Desk to get it added!