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    Printing Answer Sheets
    For tests entered as Answer Key Only or those to be administered with paper bubble answer sheets, use these steps to print.  The attachment linked below has screen shots showing the steps.
    1. After you have scheduled your test, go to the Test Actions menu on the left and choose Answer Sheets.
    2. Use the Section Search options on the left to find the classes you want to include. 
    3. Put a check in front each section and click the blue Generate Answer Sheet button a the top.
    4. A yellow message box will indicate that your answer forms are being generated. 
    5. A red circle at the top by your name will appear when they are ready. You have 24 hours to get the file downloaded or you wil have to create them again.
    6. Click the circle then click Download it Now. Click Save As to choose where to save the file.
    7. When it is done, open the folder and double-click the zipped answersheet file.
    8. Print the .pdf file, making sure to set it to print ONE-SIDED and NORMAL (not Print to Fit).

    PDF Version of Printing Instructions with Screen Shots