• Schoolnet Reporting

    One of Schoolnet's strengths is its reporting capabilities.  Here directions for two of the reports most useful to classrooms.  The links below have detailed directions along with screen shots to demonstrate each steps.  The steps without visual aids are listed below.

     Overall Item Analysis Standards Analysis
     PDF version with screen shots PDF version with screen shots
    Overall Item Analysis
    1. Log into Schoolnet, and move your cursor over to School & District Data. 

    2. When the School & District Data menu opens up, click on Benchmark Tests

    3. You will now be on the Benchmark Test tab of the Dashboard.  You can manually search for your Benchmark Test by searching through the pages of available tests, or you can click on Show Filters to search for yours by name.

    4. Click on your Benchmark Test to expose the Percent Correct by Student Subgroup

    5. From here, you can click on a variety of Benchmark Reports:

      1. Item Analysis – tells you the % correct and the most common wrong answer for each question.  You can also click on the question number to view the item.

      2. Overall Performance – divides the students into three categories (Excellent, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement), and you can see the names of the students in each category.

      3. Standards by School – this screen lumps the standards into large categories.

      4. Standards by Section – same as above, but divided by class section

      5. Standards Mastery – similar to the Standards by School screen, but in a graphical form.  Click on the graph to get more information.


    Standards Analysis

    1. Log into Schoolnet, and move your cursor over to Classrooms.

    2. When the Classrooms menu opens up, click on Student Performance.

    3. Choose a particular section, or choose all sections of a particular course.

    4. Click on Standards Mastery:

      1. Choose the test type: Benchmark, Classroom Test, Trends (covers the trend over up to 6 different tests), or Standardized Test

      2. If you chose Benchmark or Classroom Test, choose the test you what to see and then click on All Students.

    5. From here you can access the following:

      1. You can see which Standards were assessed on the test.

      2. How many times a particular Standard was assessed on the test.

      3. How many students performed in each of the four categories (Excellent, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, Unsatisfactory)

        1. Click on any of these numbers to expose the name of each student who fell into each category.