• Sharing a Test with the PowerSchool Gradebook

    Follow these steps to send the scores from your  test to the PowerSchool Gradebook.

    1. Go through PowerSchool to enter Schoolnet.

    2. In Schoolnet, hover your pointer over Assessment Admin and then move it to Find A Test.  Click on Find a Test.

    3. Search for your test by entering in the name or number of the test.  Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and click on the test you were looking for.  You will then be taken to the Test Detail screen for the test.

    4. On the Test Detail screen, click on Gradebook status.

    1. Once the Gradebook Status menu expands, click on Share Now.  Schoolnet will then start sharing (sending) the scores from this test to all assigned sections in PowerSchool.

    1. Once the scores have been shared (sent) to PowerSchool, you will see a confirmation of which sections the scores were sent to.  If you want to resend the scores, click on Refresh Now.  If you want to stop sending the scores to the Gradebook, click on Stop Sharing all Sections, and you will be prompted to keep the scores in the Gradebook or removed them altogether.

    If have any questions or trouble with this procedure, please contact Andy Deatrick (1831), Seth Slater (1832), or Casey Stansifer (1833).