New Student Enrollment


We are pleased to welcome you to Northwest Allen County Schools! Here are some details on how to get your child or children enrolled.

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Process

  • Enrollment is handled at the individual school. This link is a Directory of NACS Schools, their addresses and contact information.
  • For incoming kindergarten students, a Kindergarten Roundup is held each spring. Details are available at the link.
  • For other students Grades 1-8 or those kindergarteners not at roundup, come to the school to enroll at one of these times:
    • Fall Registration dates and times are available at the link.
    • During the summer, middle school students may contact the school office to schedule an enrollment appointment.
    • During the school year, come to the school during school hours.
  • For Students 9-12:
    • Call Carroll HS Guidance Office at 260-637-6913 to request an appointment with a counselor to enroll your child.
    • Enrollment packet is available by clicking on this link; please complete as much of it as you can before your enrollment appointment with guidance counselor.
    • If enrolling during the summer, please call Carroll HS Guidance Office at 260-637-6913 to request an appointment to enroll your child; then your child may attend CHS Registration in August. Registration is not the time to enroll your student, it is for students already enrolled and who have met with the guidance counselor.
  • Bring the following documentation when enrolling:
    • Child's birth certificate (Board of Health copy, not the hospital version)
    • Child's immunization records - requirements and a form linked to the left
    • Proof of residence as defined in the link to the left (driver's license and a gas/electric/water utility bill)
      • Please note that a Move-In Affidavit or Live-With Affidavit requires a visit to the NACS Administration Office before the school will be able to complete enrollment.
    • Court documents - if applicable for custody or visitation issues. A copy of any legal documents regarding custody or visitation pertaining to the child, such as custody papers, divorce decree or other court-ordered papers must be provided. Please be assured that this information is kept confidential. The court documents you provide should be the most recent and final copy of any court decree.