Kindergarten Enrollment

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Welcome new kindergarteners! We are thrilled to have you join the NACS family. Parents and guardians-all of the documentation needed is listed below, for your convenience. Please c
omplete the online enrollment form in #4 by Feb. 12 to help us plan for staffing needs for 2021-22 school year. You can still enroll after that date, however, we are planning for the addition of Aspen Meadow and the more accurate our numbers are the better prepared we will be.

Please note this process is enrolling your child into Northwest Allen County Schools which is different than registering your child for school in the fall. We ask you to complete that second step later this summer before school begins in August. Thank you for choosing NACS for your child's education--we are honored to help him/her learn, achieve and create with us.

Enrollment Requirements 

Enrollment Process

  1. Confirm that your child will be at least 5 years old by Aug. 1 of this year.

  2. Determine which school your child should enroll in based on the NACS Boundaries maps.

    • This Directory of NACS Schools includes contact information for each school if you have questions about which school boundaries your child lives within.

  3. Collect the following documentation to upload to the form during completion. You can scan the documents to a PDF file or take a picture of them with your phone. (The photograph can be a .JPG or other image file.) Please be assured that this information is kept confidential. 

    • Child's birth certificate (Dept. of Health copy not the hospital version)

    • Child's immunization records - requirements and a form are linked here

    • Proof of residence as defined in the link (driver license and one of the following: gas/electric/water utility bill)

    • Court documents, if applicable for custody or visitation issues. A copy of any legal documents regarding custody or visitation pertaining to the child, such as custody papers, divorce decree or other court-ordered papers must be provided. The court documents you provide should be the most recent and final copy of any court decree.

    • Photograph of your child (head and shoulders) to help us identify him/her before school pictures are taken.

    • If you are unable to upload these files to the form, please complete the rest of the online form and then mail a copy of the above documents to the school. School addresses can be found in this Directory of NACS Schools. Please add "Attn: Kindergarten Enrollment" on the envelope.

  4. Complete the enrollment form below. 

    • Click the Create Account button and setup an account. Please note this is not the same portal as the PowerSchool Parent portal used for viewing grades or updating fall registration details for existing students. After your account is created, you can use the Sign In section to get back in to complete the enrollment or to enroll another child.

    • When completing the enrollment form, be sure to choose the 2021-22 School Year.

    Student Enrollment Form

  5. We will update your child's assigned school based on the attendance area changes to accommodate Aspen Meadow Elementary which opens fall 2021. NACS personnel will adjust enrollment for the correct school based on enrollment year and directly notify affected families.

  6. Once your online form and documentation are fully submitted, school personnel will review them and let you know if everything is complete or if more information is needed. 

  7. In late July, fall registration will open to allow you to submit additional information such as emergency contacts, medical information, and various permissions. This information will be posted to our Registration Information page.