Dr. Christopher A. Himsel, Superintendent

Dr. Christopher A. Himsel

Dr. Christopher A. Himsel


Welcome to our Northwest Allen County Schools (NACS) website! I hope you find the information on this website to be useful and informative. Currently, our high school TV and Journalism classes are working on projects that will eventually provide more information and content for our website. The additional content will include information about events, activities, and programs occurring in each of our schools. If you have additional suggestions for how our website could be improved, please contact our webmaster and share your thoughts. We value input from our patrons and carefully consider all suggestions.

At NACS, we do not focus solely on how many students pass the state-mandated tests, such as ISTEP. We continuously work on increasing student achievement in all curriculum areas aswe strive to educate the whole child. Excellence, not only in mathematics and English/language arts but also in science, social studies, career-technical areas, world languages, and the performing and visual arts, is our goal. Most importantly, we want to provide and maintain a healthy and safe learning environment that engages, supports, and challenges each child in a culture of achievement and excellence.

To effectively meet our goals, we constantly analyze outcome data. We use this data to adjust instructional practices and make needed changes to our curriculum so we can meet the learning needs of each child. We also review societal and business trends to discover needed adjustments in curriculum and instruction. For example, we are adjusting our curriculum to increase our students' development of 21st Century skills like information-processing, using various media, technology integration, creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, social and cross-cultural awareness, communication, and collaboration.

I am proud of all of the progress that each of our students attains. Additionally, I am proud of the work each of our teachers, support staff, and administrators perform each day to create a healthy and safe learning environment that engages each student in high quality, meaningful learning activities, supports each student as they confront individual learning obstacles, and challenges each student to achieve more than they ever previously believed was possible.

Each member of the Northwest Allen County Schools community is excited and appreciative of the opportunity to serve so many children who have parents committed to and engaged in helping her/his child(ren) maximize her/his learning potential. Northwest Allen County Schools reflects the values of our community by working each day to create caring, community schools that inspire and encourage each child to learn, hope, dream, appreciate, create, innovate, integrate, excel, participate, and contribute.

If your child attends our schools, thank you for the opportunity to assist you in preparing her/him for a life of contributing positively in our community. If you are new to the area or considering moving to our school district, I encourage you to visit our schools, learn more, and determine if we offer the best opportunities for academically preparing your daughter or son.


Chris Himsel, PhD
Northwest Allen County Schools