John Miller, Chief Operations Officer

John P. Miller

Mr. John P. Miller

Mr. John P. Miller, Chief Operations Officer, has been with Northwest Allen County Schools since 2001. Mr. Miller served three years as an assistant principal at the 'old' Carroll Middle School (now the Carroll Freshman Center) before taking over as the first principal of the current Carroll Middle School. He led Carroll Middle School for 12 years before moving into the position of Chief Operations Officer in 2016. John earned his B.A. degree from Indiana University, Bloomington, and his M.S. degree from Indiana University, Fort Wayne. Prior to joining NACS, Mr. Miller taught English, government, economics, psychology, sociology, and US history in Fort Wayne Community Schools. He also coached wrestling and softball. John and his wife of 23 years, Lisa, have two sons. Mr. Miller is a certified Indiana School Safety Specialist, and a member of the Allen County Safe Schools Commission.