Device Protection Plan

2023-2024 Device Protection Plan Form

***The 2024-2025 Plan is not available for purchase until July 1st.***

2023-2024 Device Protection Plan
Northwest Allen County Schools’ optional Device Protection Plan provides full coverage for the first accidental damage claim and offers assistance to families in managing expenses due to accidental damage.

What is covered?

  • This Device Protection Plan covers the NACS laptop or Chromebook, adapter, and case.
  • The plan will provide full replacement cost coverage for one incident claim per school
    year, per student covered, at no additional cost to the family.
  • If a student device is accidentally damaged a second time during the covered school year, the plan will discount charges by 75% and the student will be charged 25% of the cost of the replacement part (approx. part costs listed below).

What is not covered?

  • Damages deemed by administration to be intentional are not covered by this plan and the student will be charged the full cost of the repairs or device replacement. Intentional damage might include breakage and the removal of parts, including screws, keys, or rubber bumpers.
  • Loss or theft of the device is not covered by this program. The student is responsible for the full replacement cost if the device is lost or stolen.
  • Students will be charged the full cost of replacement parts after the second incident
    claim during a covered school year.

Program Enrollment:

  • The cost of the program is an annual, non-refundable fee of $25, per school-issued device.
  • Coverage begins upon receipt of payment and this signed agreement. Coverage ends when the device is returned at the end of the school year or upon withdrawal. If the device remains with the student over summer break, coverage ends at the start of the first day of the new school year.
  • To enroll in the program after September 1, the device must first be inspected by the school media assistant(s) or the NACS Technology Department and any needed repairs must be made at full cost before coverage will go into effect.
  • As this is an optional program, fees for students on a free or reduced lunch program are not discounted.

It is the student’s responsibility to protect the device from damage, loss, or theft. All repairs must be handled only by the NACS Technology Department.

Repairs deemed by the NACS Technology Department to be due to device defects or issues that would normally be covered under a manufacturer’s warranty will be made at no charge to the student, regardless of participation in this program and will not count against claim limits.

Approximate cost for common parts and resulting charge to student with and without this plan:


sample list only

Approximate Cost

subject to change

Charge to student with plan, on 2nd claim*

Charge to student without plan or after 2nd claim**

System Board












Bezels, various








Device Adapter




*Charge for repair parts will be discounted by 75% for 2nd accident claim.
**After the second accident in a single school year, repairs will be charged at the full replacement cost.

Beginning July, 2023, families can enroll by:

  • Returning the completed form (linked at top of page) along with payment by cash or check (payable to the school).