Residency Requirements

Residency Requirements and Affidavit Process

The parent(s)/guardian(s) of all new students registering for school in NACS must provide documentation to verify residency within NACS boundaries. The following documentation must be provided to the school:

  1. One of the following documents, with the parent/guardian name and current address shown:

    • Receipt for a bill paid to a utility company for service to the current residence. The utility must be a water, electric, or gas bill. Telephone or cable bills will not be accepted.

    • Rental agreement for the current residence.

    • Signed affidavit verifying that parent/guardian is moving into or building a residence within the NACS district. To obtain a Move-In Affidavit, either go to your child's school or the NACS Administration Office with a valid driver license and purchase agreement with the new home's address on it or a letter from the builder on the builder's letterhead stating the estimated move-in date and address of the new home. Move-In Affidavits can be processed at any time.

    • Signed affidavit verifying residence with a third party. To obtain a Live-With Affidavit, both the property owner and parent must go to the school or NACS Administration Office and present photo ID, and the property owner must bring proper verification of residence (utility bill or rental agreement) as listed above. Live-With Affidavits cannot be processed until the week before online registration opens and must be renewed each school year.

The NACS Administration Office is located at 13119 Coldwater Rd., Fort Wayne, on the back side of Perry Hill Elementary, enter door 4A. Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The district phone number is 260-637-3155.