Discovery Education

NACS has a subscription to the Discovery Education web site for all NACS schools. This web site provides videos, video clips, images, and teacher resources. The subscription allows staff to view, download, and present any of the content. (Just don't sell it or post it on a web page.) The videos are available as a whole or in pieces, broken into chunks with the "teachable moments" identified. The collections are fully searchable.

The general staff account that we have used in the past has been disabled. If you do not already have a personal account on the Discovery Education site, please login to the NACS website and then click the link below to create your personal account.

You have the option of viewing the clips over the Internet or downloading the clip to view from the computer or network. Feel free to download to your desktop or your H: drive, remembering that the desktop isn't a good storage place for long term use. Please erase these from your H: drive or I: drive common folders periodically so that our network backups aren't impacted. Each building has at least one writable CD drive if you'd like to have some of these stored on disk. If we should discontinue this subscription at some point we must destroy all downloaded copies.

General Access for Teachers is available via Canvas.

It can also be accessed by:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your User Name and Password in the Subscriber Login Tab
  3. Click the Login button.
  4. Use the Search box or the directories at the left and middle to find the videos.
  5. Click on the title of the clip you'd like to play.