Excel 2010

Excel 2010 Basics

The above attachment includes the basics of using Excel 2010. This is the content generally included in NACS's Excel I class. Topics include the contents of the various menu tabs found in Excel 2010:

  • File - Save/Save As, Open, New, Print, Help
  • Home - Alignment, Find/Replace, Formatting, Insert/Delete Rows/Columns
  • Insert - Tables, Images, Charts, Links, Headers/Footers
  • Page Layout - Color, Fonts, Themes, Page Setup,
  • Formulas - Functions, Calculation Options
  • Data - Get External Data, Sort and Filter, Group
  • References - Table of Contents, Footnotes, Citations, Captions, Index
  • Review - Proofing, Comments, Tracking, Protect
  • View - Show, Zoom, Gridlines, Macros

Excel 2010 Intermediate

The above attachment includes some intermediate topics for Excel 2010. This is the content generally included in NACS's Excell II class. Topics include:

  • Absolute Values in Formulas - adjust formulas so copying doesn't change the cell references
  • Conditional Formatting - highlight cell rules, top/bottom rules, data bars
  • Using Charts - design, layout, format
  • Custom Autofill Lists - quickly enter repetitive data

Excel 2003 Tips

The above attachment includes some Tips and Tricks for using Excel, written for version 2003 but still applicable to 2010:

  • Shortcuts
  • Quick Moves
  • Highlighting
  • Autofilter
  • Sorting