InterWrite Tablets

Some notes to get you started with these Mobi Interactive Tablets:

Software - You should have an icon on your desktop for Interwrite Workspace. Open it. The first time open it will install the program, which takes about 5 minutes. You will have this icon on any computer you login to and may install it on more than one if needed. If you don't have the icon, drop a note to your Help box and we'll add you to the group to get it. If you want to install it at home, go to , Downloads to get the Workspace software. (Troubleshooting notes at the bottom of this page.)

Hardware - You have four parts - the tablet with an attached pen, an RF adapter stored in the back of the tablet (looks like a flash drive), a cable to plug the tablet into your computer for charging, and a carrying case (originally intended for the LCD projectors). You can toss the box.

First time use - On the back of the tablet, see if there is a still a piece of plastic sticking out of the battery compartment. If so, carefully remove it so the batteries can reach their contacts. If the plastic tears, you'll need to remove the back cover to get the rest of the plastic out. There may also be a protective plastic cover on the front screen you may remove. Plug the cable into the tablet and computer so it can begin charging. Make sure the pen is pushed down firmly into its slot so it charges also. It is good to let it charge overnight or even over a weekend, but if you won't use it for longer than two days, leave it unplugged. You may use the tablet while it is charging.

Plug the Workspace RF into a USB port on your computer. Press the power button on the tablet. Press the blue button in the center of the RF - it will begin to flash. While it is flashing, press and hold the blue button on the back of the tablet until the flashing stops. This allows the devices to be paired so they'll work together. You normally won't need to do this again, but if your tablet ever stops responding to your computer, do this step again. You may leave the RF dongle in the computer all the time, as long as it won't get bumped or damaged, and as long as it is safe from theft. There are USB ports in the front and back of your computer; use whichever is most out of the way.

Crash Course on Use: The tablet/pen will work pretty much like a large mouse. Hold the pen close to the tablet surface for it to be recognized, then move the pen to move the mouse pointer. The lower part of the button on the pen acts like a double-click left mouse click; the upper part acts like a right click. To use the software, open the Workspace program to get the toolbar. The pen and highlighter icons near the top of the toolbar will let you draw over the top of other programs. The white sheet of paper midway down the toolbar will give you a blank screen to draw on.

The above barely scratches the surface on what you can do. There are also images and maps that can be brought in, grid paper and shapes to use, handwriting recognition, a curtain to hide part of the screen while working, a spotlight to focus attention on a specific part of the screen, ability to create a lesson to reuse for several periods, ability to save multiple pages of work for posting on the web or Moodle, interconnectivity with ExamView and with the eInstruction clickers, and on and on… I'll get some short after school sessions scheduled to start showing you some of the features. In the meantime, start experimenting!

Here are some links you may find useful:

Instructions from the eInstruction site - video files.

Mobi Getting Started Guide

Mobi Hardware How-To Training Video

Workspace Video Instructions from eInstruction

Workspace Instructions from Utah's Davis School District

Troubleshooting - if the MOBI Soft Keys are not working, try these steps. If no luck, contact your Help box:

  1. Look for the Interwrite icon in the System Tray (lower right of screen by clock). If it's it NOT there, go to My Computer > C: drive > Start > Program Files > eInstruction > Device Manager > Launch.exe
  2. Right-click the Interwrite icon in the System Tray > Check for Updates > Install
  3. Right-click the Interwrite icon > Device Manager > MOBI> Options > Remove > Options (again) > Discover Devices
  4. Soft keys should work! Contact Help if not.