NWEA Testing

NWEA Instructions for Proctors, Reporting, and the Descartes Continuum of Learning links are available for NACS staff. Please login to the website for access to all the information.

NWEA Web-Based MAP website

NACS Proctoring and Reports Webpage - includes:

  • NWEA Educator Help Center
  • NACS Proctor Quick Reference Guide
  • NWEA Proctor videos
  • NWEA Proctor Help Center

NACS Administrators and Techs Webpage - includes:

Having issues? Call the NACS Help Desk at extension 1800.

To see NWEA's report of their system's availability: NWEA Partner Update Page

(Even if this page acknowledges an issue on NWEA's end, still please let the NACS Help Desk know.)