Printing - Centralized Printers

NACS Centralized Printing

There are several types of copier/printers at NACS. Most of the new, smaller copier/printers are the Sharp MX-M260. The copying feature on most of these has been turned off to lower costs as a part of our service contract with ABM. The workrooms and other locations that previously had copiers still have the copier functionality. Some of those are also network printers, and others will become printers when they come up next in the replacement cycle.

Your computer is probably set to default to one of the networked devices but you will also have the option of changing to other printers throughout your building. If you want your default printer changed, drop a note to the HelpDesk.

The following directions are primarily for the MX-M260 using MS Word, but functions for the other models and software are similar. The MX-M260 printer is set to default to duplex printing and can also sort multi-page documents. It cannot staple but most of the larger copier/printers can do stapling. Any of the copier/printers can be used for your large print jobs. If you have access to a regular printer still, continue to print only single pages there and carry them to a copier for your additional copies.

To get to the Printer Properties in most programs, choose File > Print or go to a Print Preview screen. The options may be under "Printer Properties", "Properties", or "Preferences". Many Microsoft programs have large buttons with options on the main print screen. These are not currently reliable but may be after our network transition to Microsoft.


  • To print immediately using all default settings, click the Printer icon.
  • To change settings before printing, choose File > Print.
  • Confirm that the desired printer is listed. If not, click the triangle to choose another.
  • If the printer shows Not Ready, the printer may be off. You can still send your print job and it will print once the machine is turned on.

    Single-sided copies / Not duplex

  • Choose File > Print. Click on Printer Properties.
  • On the Main tab, choose 1-Sided for the Document Style.

    Hold the Print Job - for Confidential Printing or Special Paper

  • Choose File > Print. Click on Printer Properties.
  • On the Job Handling tab, check the Retention box.
  • Under Retention Settings, choose Hold Only.
    • Check the Password box.
    • Enter (and remember!) a PIN of five numbers.
  • Under Default Job ID, check the User Name box.
    • Enter your name or initials to identify the job at the printer.
  • At the printer, press the button labeled Print (between Copy/Scan).
    • If loading special paper, put it into the top drawer, printable side up.
    • From the Print Hold Job List on the screen, touch the box with listing your document.
    • Enter the PIN you selected.
    • Touch the box labeled Print and Delete the Data.
    • If you choose Save the Data, you can print the job again if needed. The memory on the smaller printers is limited, so use this sparingly.
    • If you no longer need the print job, choose Delete from this screen.

    Scan to Email

  • At the printer, press the Scan button (under Copy/Print)
  • On the touch screen, press the Address Book button.
  • Press Global Address Search.
  • Type in the last name of the person receiving the scan. Press OK.
  • From the name(s) displayed, touch the name. The full name and e-mail appear in the upper box.
  • If you want to change any settings before scanning:
    • Press Quality to change the Exposure settings (lighter/darker)
    • Press Original to scan both sides of a double-sided document.
  • Put your document on the glass or feeder. Press the big Start button.
  • The PDF of your document will be delivered to the e-mail box.
  • Note that in most Microsoft programs, you can also choose File > Save As and change the File Type to PDF. This method will produce a better quality PDF and smaller file than scanning.
  • Helpful Links

    Print Confidentially - with Pictures

    Scan to Email - Flow Chart

    Scan to Email - with Pictures

    Single Sided Printing - with Pictures

    Printing Labels on
    SHARP MX-M260

    New Labels

    • Load Labels in the bypass tray
    • Open Microsoft Word
    • Choose 'Mailings' tab at the top
    • Choose 'Labels' (this may be under the 'Create' drop down arrow)
    • Click 'Options'
    • Choose 'Bypass Tray' from drop down arrow in Tray
    • Choose Label Vendor
    • Choose Product Number
    • Click 'Ok'
    • Type label information (make sure the font is small enough to fit!)
    • Click 'Print'

    Previously Made Labels

    • Load Labels in the bypass tray
    • Open your label document in Microsoft Word
    • Click 'File'
    • Click 'Print'
    • Choose 'Printer Properties'
    • Choose 'Paper' tab
    • Change the paper source to 'Bypass Tray'
    • Click 'Print'

    Default Printers

    You can set a printer as your default for printing so you don't have to search for it every time you print. All your printers will still be available to you each time you print, but setting a default can be helpful for most print jobs.

    1. Click the Start button
    2. On Windows XP computers, choose Printers and Faxes.On Windows 7, choose Devices and Printers.
    3. Right-click on the printeryou want to be the default.
    4. Choose Set As Default Printer