NACS NWEA Action Plan


  • One week before window opens:

    • Send testing schedule to Adela so Technology can be prepared.

    • Confirm that teachers/proctors are familiar with the process for testing students. Links for the testing/reporting site and instructions for the proctoring process are on the NACS website
      (Staff > NWEA Testing).

    • Notify the Help Desk:

      • If special reports are needed. Grade, gender, ethnicity, IEP, teacher/schedule, and the principal's whole-school class are submitted by default.

      • If someone other than classroom teachers will be proctoring so accounts can be created.

  • When testing window opens:

    • A tech will be onsite for the start of your first testing day to confirm that everything is working.

    • Remind teachers to check the reports site after each day of testing and to notify the Help Desk if there are errors on the reports.

    • Notify the Help Desk of changes to your testing schedule.

    • If a teacher wants to retest a student or have a student's score deleted, Seth or Adela will need to hear from an administrator before making the change.

  • When testing window closes:

    • If you need a change in the testing window, work with Seth for approval. 

PowerSchool Staff:

  • One week before window opens:

    • Watch for notice from Technology that fresh student data has been uploaded to NWEA. After that, make any changes to student information or new student entries directly on the NWEA site.

  • When testing window opens:

    • For student additions or changes during testing, also notify the teacher/proctors that you have made the update.

    • Proctors may contact the Help Desk with issues on their student data or reports. While Technology can make these adjustments, we will try to direct those requests to you so you can know what has been changed and who has been notified.

  • When testing window closes:

    • Stop making updates to the NWEA site unless you're correcting something for the last window.
      A fresh copy of all data will be uploaded before the next testing window.

    • If you need to test a student outside the normal window, enter the information into the NWEA site. Test results from outside the window will stay attached to the student's record but will not appear on the regular reports.

Technology Department:

  • Two weeks before window opens:

    • Remind Admins and PowerSchool staff that the window will be opening and where to find the action plan.

    • Confirm that Terms are updated and correct Tests are available on NWEA MAP site.

  • One week before window opens:

    • Upload student data to NWEA; notify PowerSchool staff that upload is complete.

    • Confirm that testing schedules have been received.

  • When testing window opens:

    • Station a tech in each building for the first test of the first day to confirm the technology is working as intended.

    • Monitor Help Desk to answer questions and resolve issues as they arise.

    • If changes to student data are needed, first see if the building PowerSchool staff is making the change. If Technology makes the change, notify the appropriate PS staff.

    • Submit Data Repair Requests as needed for corrections to data and test scores.

    • Submit problem question reports to NWEA as needed.

  • When testing window closes:

    • Notify NWEA that the window is closed.

    • Notify administrators if outstanding data repairs will impact the school or district averages.

  • About two weeks after closing:

    • After schools have had time to review the final reports and any data corrections are processed, import the test results into PowerSchool and Schoolnet. Notify PS staff and admins when the import is complete.