Approved Website Resources

Approval Form:

Teachers, have you found a website, Chrome Extension, and / or Android app you would like your students to be able to use? Fill out the Web 2.0 Approval Form.

Things you must consider when choosing an app or website:
1. Age Requirements: Typically websites, apps, and extensions cannot be used by children under 13 without parental permission. Seek parent permission when needed.

2. Do the students need to create an account? Preferably, we like websites and tools that do not require the students to create an account. If the tool requires an account, pay attention to data collection as outlined in #3.

3. Data Collection: What personally identifiable information (PII) is collected? What do they do with this PII? As a general rule, don't use websites, apps, and extension that collect and share PII.

4. Will there be exposure to ads? You can't control which ads are delivered, so avoid websites, apps, and extensions that use ads as they may be inappropriate.

5. Cost: Due to budget constraints, paid apps usually are not approved.

Approved Websites, Apps, and Chrome Extensions:

Here is the current list of Approved Websites, Apps, and Chrome Extensions. This list changes periodically, so check back often.

As you review the sites that are currently available for classroom use, please also examine any notes associated with the website or tool. It is your responsibility, as the teacher, to read these notes and to follow the account creation procedures outlined on the NACS Web Tool approval sheet.

All sites are approved for use ONLY if you follow the notes.