Device Care & Responsibilities

I will:

  • Bring my laptop/Chromebook to school fully charged each day.

  • Use my device for school-related purposes during school hours.

  • Strive to be a responsible digital citizen.

  • Encourage others to be good digital citizens.

  • Keep private information private, not sharing my password or identity with anyone other than my parent/guardian.

  • Watch the Software Center for update notifications, keeping the laptop current with Microsoft and other updates sent by the NACS Software Center. With Chromebooks, watch for the Update Arrow in the bottom right corner and restart when prompted.

  • Keep food, drinks, pets, or small children away from the device and charger.

  • Report any damage or theft to school authorities immediately. Do not attempt repairs.

  • Be careful when inserting the AC adapter or USB devices into the correct ports to avoid damage.

  • Watch that air vents stay unblocked so the device does not overheat. Avoid setting it on soft bedding or furniture for long periods when it is on.

  • Protect the device from extreme heat or cold.

  • Ensure that any USB drives are free from viruses before using.

I will not:

  • Leave the laptop/Chromebook unattended or unsecured to protect against theft or loss, including while at extra-curricular activities.

  • Place pens, pencils, or anything else on the keyboard and risk damage when the lid is closed.

  • Place the device on a car, on furniture, or on the floor where it might be dropped, crushed, or damaged.

  • Touch the screen with pens, pencils, fingers, etc.

  • Stack items on top of the device, cram it in a locker, or allow it to be crushed in a bag with other items.

  • Damage, change, or tamper with the hardware, software, or settings in any way.

  • Remove or deface labels or stickers placed by the tech department and will report any that are loose.

  • Decorate the device with stickers, writings, or other markings.

  • Clean the device or screen with anything other than a soft, dry anti-static or microfiber cloth and will not use liquids or damp cloths of any kind.

  • Take pictures or record audio/video without the consent of the person(s) in the recording.

  • Install or run any programs not assigned by NACS.

I understand:

  • I must follow the NACS Responsible Use Policy at all times.

  • Files saved to the desktop or C: drive are not protected and may be lost. My settings may need to be reset to NACS defaults for troubleshooting or maintenance reasons, so I will save important files to my NACS network locations.

  • There is no expectation of privacy with the NACS laptop and therefore it is always subject to inspection to ensure that it is being used for school purposes only.

  • My Internet access will continue to be filtered and monitored at all times, even when connecting to the Internet away from school.

  • My device will be better protected against damage when kept in the provided carrying case.

  • I can conserve battery life by shutting down the device when not in use, and once it is charged, I should disconnect the adapter from the device and outlet.

  • Closing the lid will put the device into hibernation mode, allowing me to more quickly get logged back in between classes. I should still shut down or restart the laptop at least once a day. (Chromebooks can be restarted less often.)

  • I may be able to borrow a device or charger from the media center to use for the day if I have not brought mine to school fully charged, but disciplinary action will begin after the third time per semester.