Digital Citizenship

Common Sense

NACS EDGE - Digital Citizenship

NACS uses a digital citizenship curriculum that utilizes a mixture of locally created and curated resources and the nationally recognized and deployed curriculum created by Common Sense Education. In every building throughout the district, since 2016, specific instruction is provided to students throughout the school year, with teachers regularly reinforcing proper digital citizenship and online protocols in every class.

NACS Vision for Digital Citizenship:

"At Northwest Allen County Schools, we believe in equipping students with 21st century skills that will enhance the learning experience while teaching them to become safe, responsible, and contributing members of an interconnected world. To do so, teachers will regularly provide explicit instruction in grades K-12 focused on topics such as internet safety, digital footprint, and cyberbullying. In addition to the instruction, teachers, staff, and students will model the values and behaviors expected of responsible digital citizens, encouraging others to do the same."

NACS Digital Citizenship Curriculum: Scope & Sequence

Click here to access the K-12 Digital Citizenship Scope & Sequence for Lessons being provided to students during the current and upcoming school years. Each lesson topic links directly to information on CommonSense Media. To access the full lesson resources, please create a CommonSense Media account or contact the webmaster for more information.