Troubleshooting Chromebooks

Before you do anything else, always shutdown the Chromebook fully. Then restart it. When changing from room to room or building to building, wireless connections are not always fully made. Often this takes care of many problems. 

Here are some additional troubleshooting tips:

If this happens....

Try this....

Unable to connect to Internet

  • Click the wireless (fan) icon to check the WiFi connection
  • Restart the device

  • At home, be sure to click the wireless icon first, locate your home network, login to the network, THEN login to the Chromebook.

Chromebook won't turn on

  • Charge the device by plugging in AC adapter. You may need to wait 10 minutes before it is usable even plugged into the wall.

Chromebook battery won't charge

  • Check that the AC adapter is plugged into the device firmly and in the correct port.

Battery life is short

  • Shut down when it won't be used for a while instead of just allowing it to hibernate.

  • Reduce the screen brightness.

  • Stop watching so many videos and streaming music.

  • Avoid leaving it plugged in once it reaches 100% charged.

Sound does not work

  • Press volume mute button (above 0 key) to see if sound is turned off, then press the volume increase button (above the + key) to increase volume. The volume decrease button (above the - key) is also available.

Cannot log into device

  • Make sure the email address is correct

  • Make sure password is correct
  • Make sure Caps Lock is turned off

  • Restart the device

Unable to access a website

  • Check that the wireless is connected. This will only work with wireless printers.

  • When you are ready to print, click "Print" and then locate your home printer. You connect the same way you do your personal devices to your home printer.