Troubleshooting Laptops

Suggestions to try before asking for help

If this happens....

Try this....

Unable to connect to Internet

  • Press F8 to turn on/turn off wireless

  • Check Wireless Network Connection (Secure)

  • Reboot

Computer won't turn on

  • Charge laptop by plugging in AC adapter.

Computer battery won't charge

  • Check that the AC adapter is plugged into the laptop firmly and in the correct port.

Prompted upon startup that Windows did not shut down normally or that it will load in "Recovery Mode"

  • Choose "Start Windows Normally" or turn it off and back on again.

Battery life is short

  • Shut down when it won't be used for a while instead of just allowing it to hibernate.

  • Reduce the screen brightness. (on the F5 key)

  • Stop watching so many videos and streaming music.

  • Avoid leaving it plugged in once it reaches 100% charged.

Sound does not work on computer

  • Press F1 to see if sound is turned off, then press F3 to increase volume. F2 will decrease the volume.

Sound does not work in room

  • Check to make sure that USB cable is firmly connected the laptop and the docking station.

  • Check that the volume is turned up on the application/website.

Computer will not connect to projector

  • Check if computer is properly plugged into docking station

  • Check if docking station is properly connected to projector cable

  • Screen resolution may need to be changed - try 1024x768 first.

  • Press F7 to switch between projector modes

Cannot log into device

  • Make sure password is correct

  • Make sure Caps Lock is turned off

  • Check Wireless Access (Press F8)

  • Reboot computer

Unable to access a website

  • Check Website Filter, and Override, if necessary.

  • Try a different Browser

  • Clear Browser History