Food Services Employment

Food Services Department Job Opportunities

We normally hire our Food Service employees from our Food Service Substitute List. In order to be employed as a Substitute for Food Service, you need to complete an application on the internet at . If chosen to be a Substitute, you will receive a letter explaining the new hire requirements.

Most of our regular positions are from 3 to 7 hours per day. In order to receive insurance or retirement benefits, employees must work at least 7.25 hours per day. All Food Service employees receive the benefit of personal/sick days and uniform allowance. 

A regular employee works a set number of hours everyday of the week. A substitute employee will only work for regular employees that are absent and will be called when needed. Most substitutes will be asked to work around 3 hours per day.

Minimum duties for regular employees would be to prepare food, serve meals, learn to run a cash register, and clean. In order to be hired for substitute or regular employment in the Food Service Department, you must have an application completed online. In order to be hired for regular employment only, you will be interviewed and tested by the Food Service Director. References will be checked.   Shortly after being hired, you will be offered a 12-Hour ServSafe sanitation course.


Call Erin Greenlee at 260-637-8768 for current Food Service openings.


*If you have previously submitted an application on the Region 8 system, please complete a new application on AppliTrack to insure that your application remains active and current.

Please contact AppliTrack/Aspex Solutions at 1-847-475-2283 ext. 1 should you encounter any difficulty in completing the AppliTrack application.