This is the text for the links:



Since these are single sign on links, you have to right click (two finger click on a Chromebook trackpad) the original link and copy it to get the correct links which are referenced above.

Use these instructions to create a bookmark for this in Chrome on a Chromebook using the trackpad.

Note: These instructions also apply to Chrome on windows. Just replace "one finger click" with "left click" and "two finger click" with "right click".

A. Two finger click the link and one finger click on "Copy link address".

Copy Link

B. Then one finger click on the link to go to ThinkCentral

C. Bookmark the page(yes, this is the wrong page to have bookmarked)

1. You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+D(easiest way) or you can drag the link to the bookmarks bar

2. If using Ctrl+D, this little box comes up. Rename the link and make sure the folder is the Bookmarks bar(for easy access).

Bookmark it

D. Two finger click on the bookmark

E. One finger click on "Edit"


F. You will see something like this(fix the name here if you dragged the link to your bookmarks bar instead of using Ctrl+D):

Looks like

G. Delete the URL and paste the correct link that was copied in step A:

Update URL

H. One finger click on "Save".