Aug 2017

Aug 2017

Welcome back! Here are a few notes to get everyone started. I'll follow up with some information specific to school levels on the student device distributions.

Topics this Issue:

  • General Disclaimer
  • Email Upgrade & Reminders
  • Student Network Accounts
  • Other Student Accounts
  • General Disclaimer

    The Tech Department and helpers can scarcely believe that you are returning tomorrow! We are still prepping ~7,000 student devices and troubleshooting classroom connection issues. Please utilize the Help Desk to let us know where you need help. We are getting to as many issues as we possibly can but are also having to delay some requests until after the school year starts. Other than having student devices ready for distribution days, we are prioritizing locations without a working computer/projector/phone. Niceties like Win10, docks, wireless keyboards, doc cameras, and requests to rewire to accommodate a desk move will have be addressed later. We appreciate your patience as we work through the lists.

    Email Upgrade & Reminders

    This long process is nearly complete, hopefully wrapping up early Tuesday. Apologies that the login change for the web version wasn't known well in advance. Early reviews are positive though, with a nicer web interface, better speeds and stability, and some hints of more features yet to come. Speaking of Email, make it a habit to check your Mail Summary report daily to watch for good messages held as spam. Beware of the phishers and scammers though, and leave their messages alone. Remember that NO ONE, (not even tech!), will email you to ask for your password. More details on understanding the Mail Summary are on our Exchange Help site.

    Student Network Accounts

    Returning students have the same username as last year. New students' usernames are 5 letters of the last name plus 3 of the first unless that caused a conflict. If 5+3 doesn't work, try 4+4. All passwords are reset to the student ID number. Grade 6-12 students will be prompted to change their password next week. (Another email will announce specifics.) Grade K-5 passwords will not change. If there are problems with the login, call x1800 and we can resolve that immediately.

    Other Student Accounts

  • Canvas, PowerSchool, and Schoolnet use our network logins, so those student accounts will be ready right away.
  • Google (and Chromebook) logins use your NACS email address and network password, and those are ready now also.
  • Pearson products such as SuccessNet and Realize are accessed through PowerSchool.
  • EasyTech students will be uploaded today or tomorrow. An email will be sent to K-8 teachers when they're done.
  • Discovery Education is now linked through Canvas. Use the Discovery link on the left side menu inside Canvas.
  • HMH/ThinkCentral is now tied to Google. Login to your Google account then go to HMH. (When you login to a Chromebook, you are also logging into Google, so just go to HMH.) Your login credentials will pass through.
  • Big Universe (K-5) teacher accounts are ready now; student accounts being uploaded soon. (Separate email to follow)
  • Renaissance Place will be loaded over the next week or two. (Email to follow when done.)
  • Have a great first few days! More details to follow.

    Adela Dickey
    NACS Director of Technology