High School High Ability Services

AP Classes
AP Biology
Grade Levels: 11-12

  • Prerequisite: Biology I, Chemistry I or concurrently enrolled in Chemistry I
  • Recommendation: "B" average in Biology I, "B" average in Biology II, "B" av

AP Calculus
Grade Level: 12

  • Prerequisite: Algebra I, II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry

AP Chemistry
Grade Levels: 11-12

  • Prerequisite: Honors Chemistry I
  • Recommendation: At least a "B" average or better in both Honors Chemistry I and Algebra II.

AP English Language and Composition
Grade Level: 12

  • Prerequisite: English 11H, AP English 11
  • AP English Literature and Composition
    Grade Level: 11

  • Prerequisite: English or 9H, English 10H or equivalent courses (English 11 would be incorporated into the AP course)

AP European History

Grade Levels: 10-12

  • Mandatory summer reading requirement
  • Prerequisite: Recommendation of current social studies teacher and enrollment in Honors or A.P. English

AP Microeconomics

Grade Level: 12

  • Prerequisite: Algebra II and the recommendation of your current social studies teacher

AP Physics

Grade Levels: 11-12

  • Prerequisite: Concurrently enrolled in AP Calculus AB (6761/6762). Physics or Calculus instructor's approval required.
  • Recommendation: Physics I helpful but not necessary

AP Studio Art

Grade Level: 12

  • Prerequisite: Six art credits and teacher signature
  • For the highly motivated student who is seriously interested in the study of art

AP US Government and Politics

Grade Level: 12

  • Prerequisite: English 11 Honors, recommendation of current Social Studies teacher and concurrently enrolled in English Lit/H & Adv. Comp./H or AP Language or by AP U.S.
    Government instructor's approval.

AP US History

Grade Level: 11

    Audition Choirs and Bands

Advanced Concert Band

Grade Levels: 10-12

  • Prerequisite: Intermediate Concert Band and musical audition

Percussion Instrumental Ensemble
Grade Levels: 9-12

  • Prerequisite: previous percussion experience and musical audition

Jazz Ensemble
Grade Levels: 9-12

  • Prerequisite: Musical Audition

Advanced Chorus I (Select Sound)

Females in Grade Levels: 9-12

  • Prerequisite: By audition only

Advanced Chorus II (Minstrel Magic)
Grade Levels: 9-12

  • Prerequisite: By audition only

Dual enrollment

Students can also receive credit from various colleges for high school coursework. Colleges participating include Ball State University, Indiana Tech, IPFW, IUPUI, Ivy Tech, Purdue,
and University of Saint Francis.
Early Graduation

A student may become a seven (7) semester graduate by completing graduation requirements
by the end of the seventh semester of high school.

Honors classes


Algebra II
Grades 10-12

Grade 9

Grade 11, 12
Grades 11, 12

US History
Grade 11

Test for Credit
Students may get credit for a class by taking the end of course assessment or final exam
and passing with 80% proficiency.

World Languages: Spanish V

Grade Level: 12

  • Prerequisite: Spanish I, II, III, and IV
  • Recommendation of Spanish IV teacher

World Languages: IPFW/High School Institute

Elementary Arabic 1 & 2
Grade Levels: 11-12

  • Prerequisites: None for Arabic 1, Arabic 1 for Arabic 2

Elementary Chinese 1 & 2
Grade Levels: 11-12

  • Prerequisites: None for Chinese 1, Chinese 1 for Chinese 2