Guidance and Counseling of High Ability Students

Elementary Level Counselors will:

  • Co-facilitate cross-age groups with PEAK teacher at lunch time on an "as-needed" basis. Possible sessions may include anxiety, perfectionism, stress management, study
    skills/organization, social skills
  • Facilitate sharing of Elementary High Ability Safety Net form
  • Be a member of the PEAK identification committee

Middle School Level Counselors will:

  • Review High Ability Safety Net forms and pass on information to teachers
  • Use the RTI process to meet the social/emotional and/or academic needs of high ability students as needed (Creative use of clubs, fine arts, and other services will be used to
    try and support the areas of passion/interests of these students.)
  • Utilize individual and/or group guidance to meet the needs of individual high ability students on an as-needed basis

High School Level counselors will:

  • Monitor records of new students who are possible PEAK candidates
  • Receive and share lists of identified/served PEAK students as they transition to high school
  • Monitor High Ability/PEAK students' issues based on known characteristics of high ability students, looking at middle school/high school academic performance, attendance, discipline,
    club/activities involvement, management of stress, anxiety, career awareness, etc.