e-Learning Day Information for NACS

For NACS elementary school remote learners*

Remote Elementary Students’ Schedules 2-Hour Delays and Closings:

  • Two-hour delay: We will have our first Google Meet at 10 a.m. and follow our normal schedule for the remainder of the day.


  • School is closed and an eLearning day is announced: We will have our first Google Meet at 9 a.m. and follow our normal schedule starting at noon.


  • Two-hour delay is first called, then an eLearning day is later announced:  We will start our first meeting at 10 a.m. and follow our normal schedule for the remainder of the day. 

*The Board of School Trustees for NACS passed a motion at the Nov. 8, 2021 board meeting ending remote instruction for grades K-5 after Dec. 18. 

For NACS onsite learners

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NACS eLearning Day Information for Parents and Students_20210126

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NACS eLearning Day Information for Parents and Students

NACS was approved by the DOE to implement eLearning days in 2019. Please know that NACS values face-to-face instructional time with students, which includes many social-emotional benefits as well. As such, make-up days will still be utilized in conjunction with eLearning days. An eLearning day is a school cancellation day (weather related or pre-planned professional development) that is made up via technology. In an effort to help families navigate eLearning implementation and expectations, the following guidelines have been established. NACS realizes that this presents a “learning-curve” for many, so flexibility and common-sense will prevail. As always, should you or your child encounter questions related to instruction or lesson logistics, please contact the classroom teacher first followed by building administration.


eLearning Guidelines

Implementation Philosophy:

eLearning days will afford NACS the ability to maintain instructional momentum and continuity during inclement weather (used in conjunction with established make-up days).

Delivery Method:

All teachers will utilize Canvas as the Learning Management System to deliver instructions and lessons and to receive student assignments.


Lesson Logistics:

●    On an eLearning day, teachers will have lessons posted on their Canvas page by 9 a.m. In the event of a 2-hour delay that becomes a cancellation, teachers will have lessons posted by 10 a.m.

●    Office hours: Teachers will be available to answer questions from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Students can ask questions via Canvas or regular email. Teachers will communicate any special time constraints they have with their students (i.e. I will be “off-Line” between noon and 1:00 p.m. I will return to answer questions from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.). Teachers will be flexible when working through student questions and lesson concerns.

●    Attendance and due dates: eLearning days count as an official school day, so attendance must still be taken.

Student attendance will be based on student participation including tasks and/or their submission of an assignment. Teacher instructions and directions will state what these might include.

●    Due dates:

○   K-8: Student products are due at the start of school on the third day following an eLearning day;

○   9-12: Student products are due at the start of school following the eLearning day or up to two days following an eLearning day. Teacher instructions will be provided.



As mentioned above, the first step when experiencing trouble is to contact your teacher (either through Canvas or email). If you believe the problem is technology-based (no internet access or inability to access the Canvas page means your student is unable to contact the teacher as instructed above), please know that technology personnel is working in the office and is available for assistance. In most cases the following steps will solve the problem:

1.   Completely restart your device. Then log in to it and proceed to Canvas. Other troubleshooting tips are posted at www.nacs.k12.in.us/EDGE.

2.   If this does not work, contact the Tech Department directly at (260) 338-5320.

3.   If all else fails, please know that teachers will work with your student and assist as needed when school resumes.