Request Remote Meal Service

Beginning October 6, 2020 you will be able to pick up 5 days worth of meals for your remote learner. Each day will consist of 1 breakfast and 1 lunch. We will distribute meals on Tuesday evenings from 5 p.m. - 6 p.m. You may choose which site you would like to pick up at regardless of where your child attends. Unlike last Spring, we will only distribute meals for currently enrolled remote students of NACS. These meals are included in the current USDA waiver and will be offered to all students for FREE. This waiver is in affect until June 30, 2021 or until funds are depleted. Once the waiver expires we will continue to offer meals to our remote learners at their current benefit status and all meal charges will then be applied to your students account. (See Meal Prices 2020-2021)

You may request meals at 

We will have a weekly cutoff the Sunday prior to meal pickup to allow enough time for meal preparation. You will need to request meals each week that you desire pick up. Should we experience a non-scheduled day or cancellation day for the ordering week, we will reduce the meal count accordingly. After you have logged into Send Money To School you will need to click on "Your Children." You should then see a box "Order meals for pickup", click on that and you will then be able to order meals each week.

Please use the following doors when picking up meals:

Carroll High School - Door #13
Maple Creek Middle School - Door #1

We ask that you only send in 1 person (parent/guardian or student) to pick up meals and that they wear a face mask upon entering the building. Meals will be available in the school cafeteria. Once the waiver expires we request that deposits  be made online prior to pick up.  This can be done on the same website as the ordering process.  

**Should your family be under quarantine, you may send a healthy representative to obtain your meal(s).**