Google Meet Troubleshooting

General troubleshooting:

  • Check that all updates have been run

    • Look for messages in the bottom right corner of the screen

  • Restart the device.

  • Confirm that the Meet app is not installed; uninstall it if it is.

  • Clear browser cookies and cache.

    • Browse to chrome://settings/clearBrowserData, or edge://settings/clearBrowserData

    • Choose time range = All time

    • Check the boxes for: Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files

    • Clear data

General performance improvements:

  • Close extra tabs or apps

  • Disconnect high-resolution displays (QHD, 4K, etc.)

  • Reduce the device’s heat (causes the CPU to struggle, particularly on older devices)

    • Use the device on a hard surface rather than on fabrics so air can circulate

    • Do NOT use the device while it is charging (when possible)

Meet-specific troubleshooting:

  • Avoid putting another window on top of the Meet window (window layering can cause more GPU load)

  • Make the Chrome window smaller

  • Before starting the Meet, lower the video resolution to 360p

    • Click the three dots in the video window, go to Settings, Video

  • Use the Spotlight feature to show only the presenter

    • In the Meet, click the three dots in the bottom right corner, choose Change Layout

  • Turn off the camera if not needed and if permitted by the teacher