Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is the kind of login you may have with sites like your bank, with a text or email being sent to confirm your identity before you can login. For increased security of NACS staff accounts, we recommend you do this for both your Google and Microsoft accounts.

Go to each of the following links to set this up. You can choose whichever verification method is convenient for you. Some people like to get a text with a code. Some people like to use either a Microsoft or Google Authenticator Application. Authenticator Apps are available in the Google Play store or the Apple Store. After the second verification method is set up, you will be asked to prove who you are when you log in on a new device. Generally, when you are logging in on a consistent device, you will not be asked for the 2nd step every time you login. Changing to a new device will prompt the verification before also becoming just a periodic check.