Teacher Tuesday with Jessica Myers

Teacher Tuesday with Jessica Myers
Posted on 03/21/2023
Being silly with staff and students in special education

It only takes visiting Jessica Myers classroom to recognize the closeness felt among students and staff. Hardly a fluke, the closeness is the result of lots of communication and mutual respect among everyone. Jessica has been a resource teacher for 17 years and she has worked at Huntertown for the last eight years.

“My absolute favorite thing about my job is my team (staff and students). We keep each other going on tough days and celebrate the successes together. It really is a FAMILY,” said Myers. Jessica raves about how she and her staff connect with “their kids” and how strongly they all believe in the students, sometimes in ways that they have never experienced. “We hold them accountable and push them to exceed the expectations from others,” she added.

Jessica referred to the saying of “Welcome Home!” because the students and adults feel so much love for each other. She proudly explained, “They know they belong. We laugh together, we cry together, we struggle together, but together, we win!”

 She wants other people to know is that, “Students with disabilities absolutely CAN. They may need some assistance in doing something, but they can and will, if you just believe in them."

Jessica is appreciative for the opportunity to love on her team. “We were all so emotional when we got to visualize our why. Some days are hard and sloppy, but others are filled with great JOY!”

Myers was grateful to have her “crew” in the photo. All the kids were given the choice to join her team for the picture. She was astonished by how many immediately wanted to join her. Unsurprisingly she opted to include everyone in the photo over being singled out herself. She mentioned how it “filled her bucket so much” to see the number of kids who showed up for her, how everyone feels so connected. That simple act clearly lifted Jessica Myers in a way that aptly encapsulates the special education program at Huntertown.