NACS 2023 Teachers of the Year

Introducing NACS Teachers of the Year for 2023
Posted on 05/24/2023
Introducing NACS Teachers of the Year for 2023

NACS surprises and honors “Teachers of the Year” 
at each teacher’s school

Northwest Allen County Schools individually surprised each of its four exceptional teachers and officially recognize them as “2023 Teachers of the Year” at NACS. The four were selected upon review of nominations by a panel of administrators after taking nominations from the NACS community.

“NACS is fortunate to have these excellent teachers who are committed to their students and to the profession,” said Wayne Barker, superintendent, Northwest Allen County Schools. “The four teachers being recognized this year as ‘Teachers of the Year’ are a great representation of the talent within our district.”

Here are excerpts from nomination forms or comments from peers for each recipient. Many of the nominations for the secondary recipients came from students, however, nominations may also be submitted by parents, colleagues, and administrators. The final decision is determined by the committee.

Robbie McKerr, U.S. government teacher, Carroll High School

“Robbie McKerr is an outstanding colleague and a beloved teacher at CHS. The stream of seniors who sing his praises to me daily is staggering. (I also get a good feel for the enthusiasm of his students and his classroom through the frequent cheering that erupts between our shared wall!) He’s an incredibly creative educator and a generous contributor to our shared social studies resources. I benefit daily from his friendship, as well as the example he sets for all of us at CHS as a great teacher and an even better person. I am thrilled that he is receiving this award this year!”

“Mr. McKerr always has the most positive attitude walking into class every day. His energy is so radiant and contagious, which makes school way more fun and engaging. He is one of those people where you can clearly tell he loves his job and that truly makes all the difference to students. I always looked forward to going to his class last semester, even though I don't like government. He's funny, understanding, thorough, and has good classroom organization. His assignments and review activities are creative and engaging. He supports his students and it's really special that he makes an effort to make personal connections with us. He takes a genuine interest in all his student's lives, both inside and outside of the classroom.”

Linda Armbruster, 3rd grade teacher, Oak View Elementary School

“Mrs. Armbruster provides a classroom environment where the students feel they can be their authentic selves. My child has grown to be more independent, self-confident and they have found a true love for going to school. Mrs. Armbruster sends home a weekly update and outside of that communication we hear everything that happens at school through our child. The proof is in the pudding, we can see how wonderful she is by the success of the students she teaches.”

“She is very organized, communicates with both parents and students clearly, and she can easily see the progress of her pupils in class.”

“Linda Armbruster is the type of educator who not only knows her content, but helps kids grow and become self-confident. Her classroom is a haven for all. Over the years as I have visited her classroom, I have observed the effort she takes to make their day seamless with transitions, so everyone knows what to expect while she helps a variety of students with various needs.

Professionally over the years, Linda and I have sat on various committees, and I have witnessed her sharing her curriculum knowledge and it’s an enormous help for me to understand third grade. In my position, I see another side to this educator, and it’s when she has an English learner. It does not take long for Linda to have a plan of action in place to help a child be successful. She navigates all aspects of learning with ease and advocates for children to have the right accommodations to be in place for optimal learning. She does more than just show up, she usually meets a student or student’s family and engages with them to make them feel valued—that’s special.”

Brian Sherck, 7th grade math teacher, Carroll Middle School

“Mr. Sherck is such an awesome teacher. He made every class so much fun and connected with everyone. Despite all the fun, he taught us so well. He is my very favorite teacher, and he is so deserving of this award.”

“Mr. Sherck was always there to be encouraging and make my day better. I had so much fun in math class. He made his lessons clear and was always there to help when I had a question.”

“Brian Sherck is always looking at the best ways to build relationships and connect with kids. It’s not often you hear kids say their favorite class is math, but they always say that with Mr. Sherck. He makes math an experience and not a task to complete. He is student-centered in every aspect of what he does. He has a unique background coming from special education. He always supports his students and his colleagues. Brian is one of the few people who has the respect of everyone he encounters. If he has an idea or a thought, everyone takes it to heart because they know he is genuine and has done it. He is exactly who you want your child to have as a teacher.”  

Ali King, 3rd grade teacher, Aspen Meadow Elementary School

“There are not enough words to describe how AWESOME Miss King is! She is so supportive of all her students and goes above and beyond to make sure each one knows how awesome they are, and she encourages them to be and do their very best each and every day. The kiddos in her class always have smiles on their faces and are very polite in the hallways—true role models for our younger grades. My family had experienced a horrible car accident in which some of us were badly hurt. My daughter broke her humerus bone on her dominant arm, and Miss King was right there giving my daughter encouragement and being very attentive to her, as well as being very supportive to our family during our difficult time. I know when my daughter is at school, she is well taken care of, and I cherish that. I love hearing all the fun stories of what happens in the classroom and seeing that smile on my daughter's face as she is telling me, it is just priceless. Any kid who meets Miss King will leave being a better person. I can't think of a more deserving person than Ali King.”

“I’ve known Ali since she was a student at Hickory Center. She was a cadet teacher; she did her college work in my class at Eel River. It’s been a pleasure watching her grow into a wonderful person and teacher. She was more of a colleague than a student teacher. She was well beyond her years in her knowledge and heart for education. She has such a calming spirit, and she is so dedicated to helping children. Her heart is vast when working with her students. She cares first and foremost about them. She takes time to talk with each student each day, empathizes with them, and works all year to raise their self-esteem and self-worth. From her room environment, books she reads, and activities she does with them, her students feel her love for them.

Ali has a calm presence that is consistent in all situations. She is kind and genuinely interested in helping her students through anything. They know she will listen to them. Ali is extremely diverse and creative. She is a musician, artist, decorator, and a dedicated teacher. She is also the same way with her colleagues, always popping in to see how things are going, sharing ideas, and helping wherever it is needed. I am blessed to be able to work side-by-side with her, again. She is very deserving of this honor.”

Two elementary teachers or counselors are selected from eight elementary schools, one from the middle schools and one from the high school. To qualify for this recognition, teachers and counselors must have an evaluation rating of “highly-effective” or “mentor” status.

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