EDGE Common Sense District

Northwest Allen County Schools is pleased to have our NACS EDGE initiative, equipping all students with a device for use in their education. This initiative was years in the making, as teams prepared the infrastructure, evaluated device options, and equipped teachers to leverage these digital tools for learning. NACS works to maximize student achievement, engage students in meaningful learning activities, and challenge and support them within a healthy and safe learning environment. The integration of digital teaching and learning into NACS classrooms enhances student engagement and achievement, and increases 21st century learning, information literacy, and critical thinking skills. The district continues to develop its strategic digital learning plan to integrate technology into curriculum seamlessly and meaningfully, encouraging students to think creatively.

In August, 2016, every student in grades 6-12 received a laptop computer to use at school and at home throughout the school year. In August-September, 2017, students in grades K-5 received a Chromebook to use at school and at home. For the 2019-20 school year, students in grades 6-8 will use Chromebooks.

The pages linked on the left explain more of the details of the NACS EDGE initiative, including Responsible Use, device care, optional protection plan, and technical support.

Chromebooks - Logging in at School & at Home

For at Home Internet Access, students will first need to connect with their at-home wireless internet access point. This may require a password to also be entered, which the Chromebook will remember after the first entry.

Next, students will be prompted to sign into the NACS Internet Filter using their NACS network username and password, as detailed below.

    Student Username: Usually the first 5 letters of last name + first 3 letters of first name (For example, Jeremy Smith would be SmithJer). Some students may have usernames that are 4 letters of the last name and 4 of the first, or something similar to avoid duplicates. The homeroom teacher can assist if the student is unsure.

    Student Password: Student ID#

To log into the Chromebook, some students may be prompted to first enter their NACS email address:

Then, the final step is to enter their NACS password, as outlined above, which is their student ID #.

Future steps at home will require students to log into the network filter (username/password) and to the Chromebook (password ONLY).