Responsible Use Policy

Board Approved May 2020

Northwest Allen County Schools makes a variety of technologies available to further the district's mission, vision, and core beliefs. These technologies include computers, tablets, network and Internet access, and various additional devices such as cameras, projectors, scanners, and printers. The educational value of student access is the joint responsibility of NACS students, parents, and staff. Filters are in place to limit access to material that would violate district policies, but these technical methods are not a foolproof means of enforcement. With permission from administration, some of the provided technologies may be permitted for use outside of district schools. District policies for use remain in effect regardless of the technology's location. Unauthorized use of NACS technologies may result in the cancellation of privileges and additional disciplinary action. User responsibilities are outlined as follows.

Be Responsible:

  • Use the technologies for classroom-related activities only. Students are not to make purchases of any kind. No users may use technologies for commercial activities or political lobbying without approval of the NACS Superintendent.

  • Use the network only with the assigned username and password. Contact a staff member immediately if a password has been compromised. Never login under another user's account. Contact the technology department if assistance is needed to share files without sharing login information.

  • Install only programs and upgrades assigned by NACS. If additional software or apps are needed, contact the technology department for the appropriate permissions and access. License and privacy requirements will be reviewed before any approvals for installation will be granted.

  • Work within the bounds of the NACS network. Never bypass or attempt to bypass the NACS server or filters, including the use of proxies or other methods of anonymous access. While at school, do not access the Internet via a non-NACS network, such as with a cell phone data plan or separate router.

  • Protect the property of NACS by taking care not to damage equipment or data. Do not physically connect any non-NACS equipment to NACS property without permission of the NACS Administration or Technology Department. Wireless connections of non-NACS devices to the network are permitted. Non-NACS equipment is subject to this same policy while connected to NACS networks or devices. Do not vandalize, deface, disassemble or destroy any part of the hardware, software, or settings. Payment for the repair or replacement of damaged equipment and for services needed to undo changes may be required of the offender.

  • Obtain permission from NACS Administration and Technology Department before publishing materials representing any NACS school, department, or group onto any non-NACS website, app, or server. Student names, images, or work may be published in support of educational goals. Parents or guardians may complete a form with the school office if they are opposed to such publication for their child.

  • Understand that use of NACS technologies is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use may result in a restriction or cancellation of those privileges. Users should not expect that files and messages stored on or transmitted via NACS networks will always be private. These may be monitored to maintain system integrity and ensure compliance with policies. Non-NACS equipment may be searched if there is reasonable suspicion that school policies are being violated, whether or not it is connected to the NACS network.

  • Understand that NACS makes no warranties of any kind concerning the technology and services being provided. NACS is not responsible for damages suffered by the user, including but not limited to loss of data or access, delays or disruptions, unauthorized financial obligations, or damage to personal property used with NACS technologies or the Internet.

Be Respectful:

  • Respect the privacy of self and others, being cautious of unsolicited online contact and advertising. Students must never reveal personal address, phone, or bankcard numbers, or those of anyone else. Report suspicious or uncomfortable communications to an NACS staff member.

  • Adhere to all school rules for appropriate behavior and language, as these apply when using or communicating with technology. Be polite, and use no vulgar, harassing, or bullying language or behaviors.

  • Use the network in a manner respectful of others. Do not waste system resources or disrupt the others' use of the network, such as unnecessary printing, file storage, and high bandwidth activities.

  • Abide by all local, state, and federal statutes and regulations. Never access or transmit obscene materials, or violate copyright laws.

Version History: 05/09/2016