Help Desk Requests

Submitting Requests for Technology Help

Please note - tickets submitted via the website or email can only be processed for existing NACS accounts. Parents would need to use their child's login information to submit a ticket.

To request technology help:

  1. Go to and login. You can get there by typing in the URL or using the link from the Staff page or Students page of the NACS website.
  2. Click the New Ticket tab from the menu bar and set the Group option to NACS Technology.
  3. The form that appears has a lot of options, but only the Location (school), Room Number, and Subject(very brief description) are required. The subject box is similar to a title, so use the Note box below it to give a full explanation.
  4. Click Save Changes to submit your ticket and then click the X to close the ticket window. Back at the main Help Desk screen, you’ll see your ticket listed and be able to review its status at any time. Email updates will be sent to you when your ticket is assigned to a tech, when it is updated, and when it has been closed.
  5. Click the red Sign out button in the upper right to logout of the Help Desk system.
Alternatively, send an email to [email protected]. Include a description of the problem along with your school and room number. 

Staff - If your computer is completely down and getting to another to create the ticket is not feasible, or if you have an emergency situation needing an immediate reply, you may call the NACS Help Desk at extension 1800. A tech is stationed at that number between 7am and 4pm each school day. If the call volumes allow and your issue can be solved quickly, the tech will do so and create a ticket in the system to record that work. If a quick solution is not possible, the tech will create the ticket and dispatch another tech to work on it for you.


We are excited to have this system in place to streamline requests, improve communication about your ticket, and get solutions back to you in a timely manner. We hope you find it helpful.