To access Schoolnet, login to PowerTeacher and click the Schoolnet link. (If you do not have a Schoolnet link, contact the HelpDesk.)

Schoolnet is for classroom and common assessments. A major feature of this program is student assessment. For the common assessments given in MS/HS, Schoolnet replaces the Achievement Series program used in the past. As we begin to have more laptops available to students and prepare to have many more for next fall, this program will allow us to administer these tests online and eliminate the slow bubbling/scanning process. (Scanning will still be available this year for those without access to devices.) Each common assessment is entered just once and then shared with all the teachers who need to administer it. The system handles grading, item analysis, and the entry of grades into the PowerTeacher gradebook. Teachers who share an assessment will want to decide who will handle the entry for each test. Test administration (or printing) and access to reports will be available for all the teachers of the test.

Some training documents to help you get started are linked on the left. Keep checking back on this page as we will be updating directions as we learn more and will post additional resources as they are collected. Since this is new to all of us, we are learning along with you. Please let us know whenever you find additional tips or create instructions for an area that we can share with others.

Date modified for the documentation linked to the left:

Schoolnet Basics 11/04/15 (clarified scheduling)
Initial Product Training Slide Show 09/30/15
Benchmark Submission 10/15/15
Equation Editor 10/20/15
Printing Answer Sheets 09/30/15
Scheduling a Benchmark 10/20/15
Schoolnet Tips & Tricks 09/29/15