Meal Prices - 2019-2020 School Year

Meal Prices for 2019-2020


Elementary Schools - $2.00

Middle School - $2.05

High School 1 - $2.10
High School 2 - $2.40

Reduced - $ .40

Adult - $3.50


Elementary - $1.40

Secondary - $1.45

Reduced - $.30

Ala Carte milk - $.50

You may not be aware that the Food Service Department operates as a separate financial entity of its own. We do receive financial reimbursement and commodity foods from the government for one meal per student. Our reimbursement for paid students is 35 cents each per meal. We do not receive any financial assistance for second meals, ala carte or adults. Our expenses are similar to most food establishments: food, labor, benefits, equipment repairs, equipment replacement, chemicals, travel, technology, paper supplies, garbage removal, and staff professional development.

Eat 5 A Day

The USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.