Changing your network password

It is imperative that network passwords remain secure as all network rights are assigned based on the login ID. Many other programs are now linked to the network login, so compromising this one password allows access to more than just the network files. Never share it with students, other staff members or substitutes, or even the tech department!  Admins and tech will never ask for your password via an email either - when in doubt, contact the Help Desk to confirm.  Change your password periodically and any time you feel someone else may have learned your password. 

  1. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete keys (all at once)
  2. Click "Change Password"
  3. Enter old/current password
  4. Enter new password (twice)
  5. Click arrow button

Some notes about choosing your new password:

  • Choose a new password of 5 or more characters that is easy for you to remember without being easy for someone else to guess. 
  • You will not be able to use any of your last 6 passwords. 
  • This will also be your new password for email, PowerSchool, Canvas, MediaCAST, Moodle, and our website.
  • If you have your mail set to go to a cell phone or other device, set it to your new password.
  • If you (or your device) try using the wrong password 4 times, your account will be temporarily locked.  Wait at least 12 minutes or contact the Help Desk
  • Here are some sites with advice about choosing a strong password:

 Changing your Password through Web Access - Outlook

  •  Go the NACS Mail
  •  Login
  •  Click on "Options" - top right corner
  •  Click "Change Your Password"
  •  Enter old/current password
  •  Enter new password (twice)
  •  Click Save