Creating a New Canvas Course (Manually)

This Document will walk you through the steps to create a new Canvas course, which can serve many purposes for teachers and staff.

1) Manual Canvas courses can serve as transition courses, used for editing or creating course content when PowerSchool courses are not available for the upcoming school year.

2) Manual Canvas courses can serve as Active courses for Teacher or Staff sponsored student groups, athletics, or events.

3) Manual Canvas courses can serve as Sandbox courses, allowing teachers to create, test, or sample course content prior to importing it into a "Live" or Published course.

Why would you want to do this?

1. Teachers may want to create a "Universal" Canvas course "Parent"-page and cross-list sections into it, rather than using a currently active course section as the "Parent"-page.

2. Teachers may want to create or set up a Canvas page for clubs, activities, sports teams, etc…

3. Departments may want to have a Canvas page that shares and documents necessary information.

The video below will also provide a visual explanation of information in the document linked above.