Remote Learning Tech Support

During the following hours, Media Center and Technology staff are available at these Google Meets:


For help outside of these hours, the Help Desk remains open:

  • Go to and login as the student to create a ticket describing the issue. A response will be sent back to the student’s email.
  • Tickets can also be created by emailing from a student account to
  • Or, call the NACS Technology Department at 260-338-5320 between 7:00am-3:30pm. Due to the Indiana "Shelter in Place" order, calls may go to voicemail. We are continuing to monitor those messages and will return your call as soon as possible.

For physical damage to the device or adapter, create a ticket or call the NACS Tech Department as listed above.

  • Due to the Indiana "Shelter in Place" order, please email or call ahead to make an appointment to drop off or pickup equipment.
  • For repair or replacement, the damaged equipment will need to be taken to the NACS Tech Dept at Carroll High School, 3701 Carroll Road. 
  • The office is open between 7:00am and 3:30pm. Enter door #1 at the front of the building. The tech offices are to the right. During the Indiana "Shelter in Place" days, the tech office will be open from 8am to noon on school days. Other days can be arranged by appointment.
  • If the repair can not be made quickly, we will provide a loaner device or adapter for use until the repair is completed. Notice about completed repairs will be sent to the student’s NACS email address. 
  • If possible, please call ahead to 260-338-5320 to let us know you are bringing in an item for repair so we can be sure to have someone available for you.

Windows Laptops - Microphone Troubleshooting Tips

With so many districts moving to remote learning
, there may be times when the online provider is having trouble with their servers. If you have trouble with a specific program, you can check this list of Status Pages to see if they are aware of issues on their end.


NACS will strive to keep you updated about any widespread technical issues on this page as well.