Technology Plan 2017

Northwest Allen County Schools' Technology Plan is submitted to the Indiana Department of Education annually. Below are highlights of the information for the 2019 plan, submitted in March. Data for all Indiana districts is available on the DOE website here:


School Corporation: Northwest Allen County Schools

District Technology Website URL:


Technology Lead:

First Name: Adela Last Name: Dickey

Title: Director of Technology


CoSN CETL Yes No In Process


Approximate Students in District: 7300

Approximate Teachers in District: 387

Approximate FTE Technician/Support in District: 15

Approximate FTE Integration Coaches in District: 3


Vision for Technology Integration (75 words or less):

NACS works to maximize student achievement, engage students in meaningful learning activities, and challenge and support them within a healthy and safe learning environment. The integration of digital teaching and learning into NACS classrooms will enhance student engagement and achievement, and increase 21st century learning, information literacy, and critical thinking skills. The district will further develop its strategic digital learning plan to integrate technology into curriculum seamlessly and meaningfully, encouraging students to think creatively.

% of Content that is Physical Textbooks: 80

% of Content that is Purchased Digital Content: 20

% that is Digital Content Curated/Created by Teachers: 0


Total Internet Access Capacity for the District (Mbps): 1000

Current Wide Area Network (WAN): Fiber - T1 - Wireless - None

District Wi-Fi Access Deployed: All Schools - Most Schools - Some Schools - No Schools

Wi-Fi Access Allowed for: School devices, Teacher BYOD, Student BYOD, Guests

Away from School Access Initiatives: Buses, Mobile Wi-Fi, Providers, Businesses, Other: None

Future Plans for Network Improvement: (75 words or less):

Internet bandwidth will be expanded from 1G to 2G in 2017. Leveraging E-rate funds, quotes for a new firewall plus core and distribution switches for all schools are being accepted. If possible, that equipment will be purchased and installed for 2017. Access layer switches are planned for the following year's E-rate cycle.


District's Main LMS: Canvas

Collaboration & Productivity Platforms in Use: Google Apps, Microsoft 365, Other:

Filtered Access Status

Blogger: Open - Teachers Only - Blocked

Facebook: Open - Teachers Only - Blocked

Google+: Open - Teachers Only - Blocked

Skype: Open - Teachers Only - Blocked

Twitter: Open - Teachers Only - Blocked

YouTube: Open - Teachers Only - Blocked


Professional Learning Opportunities (Check All)

_X_Technology Training

_X_Vendor Supplied Trainings

_X_Instructional technology coach(es)

_X_Technology focused faculty meetings

_X_Peer technology sharing

___Summer of eLearning host site

_X_Teachers encouraged to attend Summer of eLearning

_X_Teachers enrolled in Communities of Practice


Current Focus for Professional Development (75 words or less):

Three full-time instructional coaches were added to staff in Fall, 2016, to allow expanded training opportunities for staff. In addition to traditional afterschool training, sessions are now being held during collaboration and prep periods, lessons with students are modeled, one-on-one help is provided, documentation offerings are expanded, and online professional development courses are being created.


District 1:1 Status (Check One)

__1:1 at all grade levels

__1:1 at most grade levels

_X_1:1 in some grade levels

__Planning to launch 1:1 next year

__Studying/Considering a 1:1

__No current plans to go 1:1

1:1 Grade Levels (Check All)

K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 (No 1:1)


Main Device used K-2: iPad

Main Device used 3-5: Lenovo laptop

Main Device used 6-8: Lenovo laptop

Main Device used 9-12: Lenovo laptop

Additional Device Notes:

Are Devices Filtered Away from School? Yes - same as school


1:1 Funding Streams (Check All)

_X_Capital Projects Fund

__Common School Loans

__eLearning Grant

_X_E-Rate Reimbursement

__Referendum Bond

_X_Textbook Rental

__Title 1, Part A

__Title 1, School Improvement Grant

_X_Other: Construction bond refinance

Future Plans for Replacing Current Devices (75 words or less):

Using funds from capital projects, bond refinancing, and textbook rental fees, new Windows laptops for students in grade 9 will be purchased along with Chromebooks for students in grades K-5 for distribution in Fall, 2017. The following year, new devices will be purchased for students in grades 5 and 9. Students will keep the same device for four years before receiving another device.

Future Plans to add new Devices (75 words or less):

Going forward, capital projects and textbook rental fees will be used to purchase new devices for grades 5 and 9. A similar rotation for the refreshing the K-4 devices is being developed. The intent is that a portion of the device fleet will be purchased each year to balance the financial outlay. Since the K-5 Chromebook launch is happening in a single year, the full rotation won't be in place for a few years.

Process for Selecting New Technology (75 words or less):

New types of technology are first selected for the ability to meet NACS' educational goals. To then select the specific brand and model of technology, consideration is given to price and specifications, durability, ease of maintenance and access to support, and compatibility with existing technology. Final purchases are made after the collection of several quotes for small projects or using a state bid list or QPA or formal bid process for large projects.