• Transportation of Musical Instruments on School Buses

    It is important that we consider the safety of the students in the event of an emergency when transporting many kinds of music instruments to and from school on buses.

    All musical instruments transported in the passenger area on a school bus must be positioned in such a way that they do not block or obstruct in any way the isle, stairwell, or emergency windows exits. 

    Extremely large and bulky instruments shall not be carried on the bus at anytime.  These include: Tubas, Large Drums, String Basses, Baritone Horns, Baritone Saxes, Cellos, Guitars and Bass Guitars.

    Moderately large and bulky instruments shall be positioned in the seat with the student. The instruments shall be positioned in the seat next to the window and if at all possible rest on the floor and in between the seat bottom and seat back. To avoid problems, this should be done in the first three or four seats from the front.  These include: French Horns, Violins/ Violas, Tenor Saxes, Trombones, Bass Clarinets and Snare Drum.

    Small Instruments may be carried in the seat with the student. These include: Flute, Oboes, Clarinets, Alto Saxes and Trumpets.

    Any instruments placed on the floor must be against the outside (window) wall, as no student should have to climb over an instrument to exit in an emergency. Leg spacing on buses range from 7-10 inches. Instruments must fit on the students lap or within the leg space of each seat. Instruments may not exceed the height of the bottom of the window ledge, which range from 29 to 32 inches. No instrument shall be transported behind the last rear seats per Indiana State Law. 

    Remember that emergency exits cannot be blocked!

    Careful attention to these procedures will assure safe transportation for the students and their musical instruments. Students are cautioned that failure to abide by these procedures may cause the forfeiture of the privileges to transport their music instruments on a school bus.

    Please use consideration to the weight and size of the instrument and the size of the child. Any instrument to heavy or large for the student to lift and carry safely up the steps by themselves should be avoided.

    Drivers have the responsibility and right to refuse any instrument or object on the bus that they see as a safety hazard.

    Any questions on any instruments not included on this list may call transportation for advice.