• Finance

    Public school revenues are derived directly, or indirectly from state and local taxes. The state support for the general fund is generated from sales tax and income tax. Local taxes received by schools are from the collection of property taxes and auto license excise taxes.

    Five funds divide the annual budget. Data is reviewed and presented at the annual budget hearing in September. Each fund is described briefly below:

    GENERAL FUND: The largest of the five funds which finances the daily operation of the schools including personnel salaries, fringe benefits, utilities, and supplies.

    DEBT SERVICE FUND: This fund is used primarily for financing buildings through lease rental agreements and bond obligations.

    CAPITAL PROJECTS FUND: This fund is for the purchase of land, remodeling existing buildings, building new facilities, capital site improvements, equipment, and technology.

    TRANSPORTATION FUND: This fund is used to pay school bus drivers' salaries and fringe benefits, bus repair, and for all transportation expenditures.

    BUS REPLACEMENT FUND: This fund is used for the purchase of new school buses.

    The Budget

    General Fund Expense Budget
    Employee Fringe Benefits


    The 2018 Budget for Northwest Allen County Schools is as follows:

               General Fund
               Debt Service Fund
               Transportation Fund
               Bus Replacement Fund
               Capital Projects Fund

    NACS Assessed Valuation: $1,996,011,877

    NACS's 2018 tax rate is as follows:

    Debt Service Fund
    Transportation Fund
    Bus Replacement Fund
    Capital Projects Fund

    Total tax rate: