• About Perry Hill . . .


    Perry Hill is the place where we “do the right thing and treat others right”. That is the motto that we live by day in and day out at Perry Hill. We help our students develop life skills like kindness, fairness, forgiveness, integrity, common sense, manners, ownership, self-control, and trust.  We believe an excellent education develops the whole child.  We facilitate plentiful learning activities for students to learn in a nurturing environment. We challenge students to take an active role in the learning process by achieving their personal best. We have a great time each day learning together as the Perry Hill family!


    Our state test scores are outstanding! Check out our school data by clicking here. You’ll find that in 2012-13, 91.2% of our students passed English/Language Arts on ISTEP. The state average is 79.5%, so we are WELL above average. Our math scores are awesome too! We had 91.6% of our students pass mathematics, and the state average is 82.7%.


    Cougar Celebrations are one of the highlights of each month. The students get SO excited about these assemblies. Rather than trying to explain it, come with me and let’s “peek in” at what is happening at the Cougar Celebration going on right now. As we enter the gym, there is music playing. Children are filing in, enjoying the music and clapping to it. Staff members are joining in as well. Just about everyone is wearing their Cougar Pride T-shirt purchased by the PTO. Mrs. Ihnen, the principal, takes the microphone and the students immediately become quiet, eager for the fun to start. Everyone joins together in singing the Perry Hill School Song, an uplifting, lively tune about reaching goals, doing our personal best, and life skills. The mood turns patriotic as the students join in singing several songs about our country. They quickly become very respectful and serious as they sing. Now the fifth graders are sharing a video they made about kindness. They’ve also made some posters about kindness. It’s fun to see ourselves in the video! What’s happening now? It looks like the monthly Cougar Pride Awards are being presented to two students from each grade level who have displayed this month’s life skill. A round of applause is given to these deserving students. What’s this? Someone is getting out prizes! Oh – it’s time for the Math Masters to receive their awards for passing the basic math fact tests for their grade level. Perry Hill Math Master T-shirts, water bottles, bracelets, and many other prizes are given away. Again, we hear lots of cheering for the children. We all are singing a few more songs now. Oh! Up on the screen is a picture of a mummy! It’s a mummy wrap contest! Teachers call down their Cougar Pride award winners, and Mrs. Ihnen is challenging the teachers to see who can wrap their child up like a mummy with toilet paper the fastest. Ready. Set. Go! The music is playing, and the children are cheering for their teachers! Yay! Mrs. Aschleman is the winner! What fun we are having! Mrs. Ihnen is back at the microphone. The children become quiet. We all say the Life Goals Pledge and are dismissed to our classrooms. What a fun time we’ve had!


    Cougar Celebrations are only one of the great things happening at Perry Hill. We have a VERY active PTO. You can find parents volunteering every day. The PTO also sponsors the Birthday Book Club where parents can purchase a library book in honor of their birthday child. Perry Hill offers a school carnival, Cougar Fun Night, cross country, Little Shots Basketball, and many, many more activities for the children and their families.


    Please come visit Perry Hill and learn more about our school. We think you’ll love it as much as we do!